for final manufacturers of complex components and compound products (components, modules), dHM is an efficient and flexible supplier, who looks after the manufacturing process in its capacity of first-line supplier.

Thanks to the combination of high-quality machining, construction and assembly technologies, dHM

is able to offer ideal manufacturing methods.

dHM continues to invest in the professional expertise of members of staff, technically high-quality manufacturing resources and organisation, in order to continue to comply with the requirements of our (future) clients.

This mission entails the following choices:

  • dHM wants to remain a powerful manufacturer
  • dHM will not develop its own products
  • Value engineering is undertaken by the company’s own members of staff.
  • Capacity for engineering contracts may be hired from our partners, if necessary
  • dHM does not concentrate on one-off projects (such as specialist machines)
  • Manufacturing methods which dHM is unable to execute in full are outsourced.
  • Investments in manufacturing capacity are geared to (specific) clients and competitors

Place in the chain

dHM is a high-quality supplier of complex components and assembled modules for entire systems in small to medium large series. The clients of dHM are final manufacturers who regard the outsourcing of manufacturing as part of their strategy.

As a first-line supplier we focuses on good performances in terms of productivity, quality, logistics and delivery times.

We work in accordance with the clients’ specifications and is able to think along about the design (value engineering).

In addition, we strive to become/be a strategic partner who takes over (part of the) manufacturing process.

Curious about the possibilities? Contact us on +31-(0)572-391331 or send an e-mail.